11 Oct, 2022

Announcing Evercore Heroes!

Today marks a major milestone for Vela Games as we announce the title and early details of our first multiplayer, competitive PVE game: .

In Evercore Heroes, four teams of four will compete to take down an epic boss and prove that they are the world’s greatest team of heroes!

You can follow the link above to learn more about the game, meet a selection of the game’s many dynamic roster heroes, and watch our first cinematic trailer.

Right now the game is still in pre-alpha, but we’re planning multiple playtests with more players than we’ve ever had before. The feedback we gather directly from our players is our most valuable tool in making Evercore Heroes the best game it can be. We’d love to hear your feedback! You can join our community and get the chance to playtest the game by registering at and .

The team at Vela has really been throwing their hearts and souls into Evercore Heroes, and with the help of our amazing community we believe we have something uniquely fun to share with players. Our game has a strong focus on cooperative play and strong team coordination. It’s a challenging game that will consistently encourage you to sharpen your skills, both as a player and as a team. Add the competitive edge that comes from our 4-team, real-time, session based format, and we’ve got the formula for something exciting and new, yet founded on tried and true multiplayer game elements.

Keep an eye out in the coming days for articles and first impressions from the gaming press, and we look forward to playing Evercore Heroes with you soon!

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