09 May, 2023

Closed Beta Begins June 20!

Evercore Heroes - Gameplay Trailer

We are absolutely thrilled to announce the next phase of Evercore Heroes, and the next major milestone for Vela Games! On June 20th, our closed beta will begin, and more players will get hands on with our game than ever before.

If you want to be one of the very first to play the game, you can guarantee yourself a spot in the closed beta right now by purchasing an Evercore Heroes Founder’s Pack at evercoreheroes.com. The packs include exclusive content, a special battle pass that never expires, and even additional keys so you can invite your friends into the beta! (If you want, you can even pre-order one before June 20th to get the ultra-rare Vela Beko skin to show off in game.) 

By the way, your progress during the closed beta, including any purchases made and in-game items earned, will carry over to the final free-to-play game at launch. 

The Vela team has truly poured their hearts and souls into Evercore Heroes. We couldn’t be more excited to finally share the fun and thrills we’ve been having within the team and our early community with a new group of enthusiastic players! We’ve also had the pleasure of playing the game with games journalists, so keep an eye out for their first impressions.

The closed beta is Vela’s opportunity to engage directly with players and make Evercore Heroes even more fun to play. We always put the player experience first, and feedback from our closed beta players will be a critical part of launching the best version of our game possible.

We’re also proud to reveal two brand-new trailers! In addition to the teaser at the top, we’ve released our first in-depth look into the gameplay of Evercore Heroes. Enjoy learning more about our unique, competitive PVE game, and we hope to see you in the closed beta!

This is Evercore Heroes - Gameplay Walkthrough

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