30 Sep, 2018

First Transmission

…testing…testing…is this thing on? Echo-3 to Echo-7 – Han, old buddy, do you read me?

Hello world?

If you’re reading this, then please allow me to be the first to welcome you to Vela Games! You might not have heard of us yet. We’ve been quiet, but we’ve been busy! A lot of thought has been put into the kind of studio we want to be and the kind of games we want to make, and now we’re bringing that vision to life.

Our goal is to create epic game experiences that truly unite players for years. We want you and your friends to go on heroic adventures together in a living, breathing, and evolving world. We want a game where coordination, teamwork, and skillful play are rewarded. Most of all we want to build a community of gamers who are as passionate about playing together as we are, and to work directly with players to develop the most amazing games we can imagine.

These are exciting times for Vela as we continue to build up our team and visualize our first game. Keep an eye on this space – we want to invite you to take this incredible journey with us. We’ll be showing off our artwork, relating stories, kicking around ideas, and basically oversharing in that magical way only the internet can provide.

Thanks for checking us out – we can’t wait to play our game with you!

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