10 Jul, 2019


Today is an exciting day for all of us here at Vela as we enter the next phase of our journey to redefine multiplayer games.

At Develop:Brighton, we revealed more of what we have done since founding Vela, plus some plans on where we want to go with the studio and our first game.

For those of you who weren’t at the event or if you haven’t heard of us before, here’s a quick recap:

  • We’re a new AAA-indie studio based out of Dublin, Ireland

  • We raised €3.4 million in seed funding from our great partners at IIU and Enterprise Ireland to jump start development

  • We have a team of 14 world-class developers, with a breadth of AAA experiences Check out our team page to learn more about us!

  • We’re currently in pre-production, working on a genre-defining multiplayer online cooperative game with an original IP

Most importantly, we’ve announced the space we’re working in for our first game. We know so many players are as passionate about co-op as we are, and we’re putting players at the forefront of every decision we make. Our game will be built from the ground up with co-op front and centre to ensure we deliver deep, replayable experiences.

We had the pleasure of being interviewed by GamesIndustry.biz and answering some questions about our studio, our first game, and our mission as a team.

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Connecting the Dots:  We’re also excited to share some blog posts written by our team on topics they’re passionate about. We’re calling this series Connecting the Dots, and the first article, Building a Genre-Defining Game, is by co-founder Travis.

We’ll be sure to link all of our Connecting the Dots posts on our TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn pages as well. We hope you enjoy them, and that we’ll start some good conversations about the challenges and joys of game development.

Thank you for your support no matter how long you’ve been following along, and we are just getting started!

-Team Vela

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