02 Dec, 2018

Vela Games Levels Up

Ding!! After a year of epic quests and legendary battles, we’re thrilled to announce that Vela Games has reached the next level, securing Seed Round funding for our unannounced game currently in pre-production! We’ve teamed up with some amazing partners and can’t wait to see what we can do together.

This stat boost gives us a really solid runway that will help us take the next step on our quest. Over the coming year, we’ll continue to focus on building our core team, developing the vertical-slice, and defining our IP.

We know the game only gets harder from here, but we couldn’t be more excited to continue on this journey. We’re actively looking to bring our team size up to around 15 people here in Dublin. If you’re interested in being part of an early core team that’s super passionate about redefining multiplayer games, we want to hear from you! Be sure to check out the roles we have listed on our careers page. If you’re interested but there isn’t a role that works for you today, please reach out and check the site often as we’ll be updating the page with new positions as we grow.

Now that we’ve reached this next level, we’re looking forward to continuing to share more about what we’re up to.

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