08 Apr, 2020


Today we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve closed a new round of Seed investment funding for $3.1M, led by our new partners at Lvp, with follow on from our existing partners at IIU.

This is in addition to our first Seed round in 2018. Adding Lvp to our already strong team of investors, IIU and Enterprise Ireland, means that the team is better positioned than ever to deliver our unique vision for multiplayer gaming.

A key part of our vision is a new genre of game we’re calling Multiplayer Online Co-op, or “MOCO.” Vela was founded with co-op in mind, but as we continue to prove out our designs, MOCO is the next step – a specific type of experience that blends our favourite ingredients from both competitive and traditional cooperative games. We believe that MOCO can allow co-op play to reach new heights and unite gamers all over the world.  We’re really looking forward to sharing more about MOCO with you when the time is right.

Whether you’ve just learned of Vela Games or you’ve been following us for a while, thanks for your support. We’re very excited about this next phase of our studio!

-Team Vela 

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