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Vela Games

About Us

Our Story.

Vela is a constellation in the Southern Hemisphere that forms the sails of Argo Navis, the legendary ship that carried Jason and the Argonauts on their journey to retrieve the Golden Fleece. For us it represents the astronomical journey we are on, but more importantly it reminds us how we can build extraordinary things and forge legends by coming together. Whether it’s stars in the night sky, a team working to create something new, or players overcoming epic challenges, together we can shine brighter.

At Vela we love games of every type, but we know that multiplayer, when done well, has a special ability to bring people together. Unforgettable moments are created through the power of playing together. It allows players to keep in touch with old friends regardless of distance, and to forge new friendships that will last lifetimes. Vela was created with these moments in mind, and our focus every day is thinking about how we can create impactful gaming experiences that inspire gamers around the world to play and win together.

Our Values.

We are values-driven, which means we’ll always strive to live up to our ideals and make decisions based on these tenets before anything else. By creating a great environment at the studio, we believe that leads to great games for our players.

We are just starting out and will have much more to share over the coming months as we grow our team and bring our first project to life. Our goal is to be as open and honest with our team and our players as we can, through all the ups and downs, because no journey is without its challenges, and challenges are best overcome together.

Player-Focus First

We always strive to do what’s best for players, not just the bottom line.

Focus On Fun

We are passionate about play and believe that games should be fun to experience as well as create.

Beat Your Highest Score

We believe in growth mindset, self-motivation, and never resting on past successes.

Co-Op At Every Level

The best teams have diverse backgrounds, experiences, and know how to work together to overcome big challenges.

Iterate to Innovate

Feedback, productive debate, and rapid iteration helps make sure the best ideas come through no matter where they originate.

Our Founders.

Vela Games was founded by industry veterans Travis George, Brian Kaiser, and Lisa Newon George.

Looking for our full team? Find them here.

Our Home.

We are proud to be based in Dublin, Ireland, which is a great place to live and work.

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